The dotCSS Ambassador Program

We have decided to reward the most active members of the dotConferences community. We could not have made it this far without your support and we want to thank you properly!

So after inviting 5 friends to dotCSS, you will become a dotCSS ambassador and enjoy:

  • A free ticket for dotCSS
  • Your photo on this page for one year with a tweet from us to introduce you
  • An invitation to a special event for all dotCSS ambassadors, before the conference
  • ... and a few surprises!

Our ambassadors

Maxime Thirouin

Tamás Püski

Alejandro Mantecon-Guillen

Fabien Le Verge

Cédric Malard

Rémi Parmentier

How can I become an ambassador?

First, email us at [email protected]. We will create a custom promocode that will give a 20% discount to your friends!

Once 5 of them have registered with this code, you automatically become an ambassador. Congratulations!

Who can I invite?

Your friends, coworkers, contacts, ... Anyone who would love the conference!

If you know some meetups, mailing lists or communities related to frontend web, visualization, demo, fonts, ... that could be interested by the conference, tell us and we will see how to contact them together!