dotJS + dotCSS Workshop day

November 15, 2014 · Paris, France

The Saturday after the main conference will be dedicated to a series of workshops hosted by our partners.

Your ticket for the conference does not grant you admission to the workshops. Space being limited, please only register if you are sure to attend.

Google Developers


Hours: 2pm-6pm

Host(s): Google engineers Addy Osmani (creator of Yeoman, TodoMVC, Aura and previous speaker at dotJS), Ewa Gasperowicz, Sérgio Gomes

Polymer Polytechnic Paris

Polymer is a first of its kind library. It’s designed to leverage the emerging Web Component standards, to make web app development a breeze!
If you’re new to Web Components, or curious about the latest and greatest features that Polymer has to offer, join Google engineers Addy Osmani, Ewa Gasperowicz and Sérgio Gomes for this workshop.

We’ll kick off with an overview of Polymer to get everyone up to speed, explore the growing component ecosystem, and take a look at the next generation of web apps.
Then we’ll dive into building out elements and apps with your choice of self-guided code labs.

Grab your thinking caps: #itshackademic with Polymer!



Hours: 2pm-6pm

Host(s): The authors of tarifa: Paul Panserrieu, Vincent Velociter and Baptiste Morelle - and Tacks: Emilien Taque

Build a mobile game controller with tarifa

tarifa is a brand new command line tool from Zengularity to easily build and deploy mobile apps on multiple targets and over many configurations.

In this workshop, you will build a game controller for Tacks (a realtime sailing simulation). The authors of tarifa and Tacks will be there, so you will be able to ask any questions you have to them.


Please check them to be productive!

  1. You will need a laptop
  2. You will need a phone/tablet (Android or iOS)
  3. You will need the latest Android or iOS SDK (or both)
  4. Install the latest tarifa version